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Moosehead Awards 2017

Race Committees from all around Long Island Sound gathered at Northport Yacht Club on Sunday, Nov. 5 for the Annual International Society for the Perpetuation of Cruelty to Racing Yachtsmen, aka, Moosehead Luncheon.  This year was the 76th edition of this event, and it can be said with a degree of confidence that this year was one of the best in recent memory.  The Moosehead Committee, headed by the famous (infamous) Ray Redness, Stamford YC, outdid themselves this year.  They added audiovisuals that added a certain level of dignity (?) to the event.   

For readers unfamiliar with the Moosehead Luncheon: it is a gathering of all Long Island Sound Race Committees who attend a luncheon on the first Sunday in November to socialize, have lunch, and roast fellow Race Committees who “messed up big time.”  The Moosehead Committee spends their time (when not racing) gathering evidence all season long, eager to “catch” a transgression worthy of a Moosehead.  MORE

MBYC Fall Series

The 39th edition of Manhasset Bay Yacht Club's Fall Series was held over the weekend of Oct. 13-15 and Sat., Oct. 21. The first weekend was devoted to around the buoy racing, with the last day reserved for a long distance race.

Friday, the first day of racing, the wind decided to take a break and stay home. No racing that day. And the forecast for Saturday and Sunday was dire…no wind would be making an appearance on Long Island Sound. But under the leadership of Sue Miller, Past Commodore and PRO (Principal Race Officer) for this event, and always positive that some wind will grace her racecourse, gathered her Race Committee, mark boats, got all RC gear on boats and headed out to Western Long Island Sound. If anyone can find wind, it is Miller. “The wind was predicted to be 4 knots or less. But it was doable.” Miller and her crew managed to finish five races over the Sat-Sun weekend.  MORE

JSALIS Western Districts

JSALIS Western Districts were held at Sea Cliff Yacht Club on July 6, 2017. Top three boats in each division (boat number, name, yacht club):

C420 :(42 boats)  1. Charles Roseberry, Robert Lundberg, LYC, 2. 5358, Eric Hansen, John Faiella, LYC, and 3. 8161, Kyle Bamson, Natasha Scott Morton, OYC. FEVA 6 boats):  1. 6782, James Owen, Alejandro Amezcua, LYC, 2. 6781, Morgan Campbell, Deirdre Tym, LYC, and 3. 6606, Thomas McFarland, Patrick O'Hara, LYC. LASER RADIAL (51 boats):  1. USA 210873, Matthew Wallace, AYC, 2. USA 194166, John Eastman, SEAW, 3. USA 209380, Andrew Powers, AYC. LASER STANDARD (6 boats):  1. USA 199579, Finbar McKemey, AYC, 2. USA 212327, Joost-Olan Sheehan, LYC, 3. USA 209671, Iain Macintyre, LYC.PIXEL(4 boats): 1. USA 56, Luke Ficalora, Thomas Day, MBYC, 2. USA 94, Juliet Minadeo, Eloise Griffin, MBYC, 3. Isabella Marrale, Anna Casey, MBYC. FULL RESULTS

YRALIS Annual Regatta

The 13th running of the YRALIS annual regatta nailed it on so many levels.

The weather forecast for Saturday, Aug. 5, the first day of the two-day regatta, predicted heavy rain and lightning all day, implying skippers should expect just about anything short of a monsoon. That was mid-week before the regatta. And wouldn’t you just know it? Saturday dawned with some light rain early but by the time of the first warning, the skies were cloudy but no rain in sight. Sunday was more of the same. Year after year the YRA cashes in favors to Mother Nature (don’t even ask) and she smiles on Long Island Sound in the vicinity of Riverside YC, Indian Harbor YC, and American YC.

Wind on Long Island Sound, never great, but during the month of August is almost non-existent. MORE 


YRA Taylor Trophy

JSA Western Districts

JSA Pixel Feva Bic RW

YRA Taylor Trophy

USMMA Indoctrination

Frostbite LD Race


New Year's Regatta

AYC Fall Series

MBYC Fall Series

MAISA Match Race

USMMA Laser North

YRALIS Championship

Clagett/Oakcliff Match Racing

Governor's Cup

MBYC Pixel-Bic Regatta

Oakcliff International

PWYC Make A Wish

YRA Taylor Trophy

Sonar North Americans

Nevins Trophy

MBYC Race Week

PWYC Day Race

America's Cup NY

Yachtsman & Woman Year

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New Year's Regatta Day 1

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YRA Championship

YRA Taylor Trophy

Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of Year

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PWYC Make A Wish

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